News Flash September 19

As we draw near to the close of the InterChapter we cultivate the hope of carrying forward the openness to the Spirit that we have lived in these days of prayer, reflection, dialogue and honest sharing.

We had the great joy of having as celebrant Fr. Antonio Lucio, Provincial Secretary of the Society of St Paul in Brazil. He reminded us of the words of Blessed Alberione: “The person truly possessed by the Holy Spirit thinks, acts, prays, speaks in Jesus Christ, becoming like the voice and tongue of Jesus Christ.” At the conclusion of Mass Father presented us with gifts from the Society of St. Paul: a replica of the first New Testament printed in Brazil, and beautiful triptychs of our Pauline devotions.

Our work began with meeting in five small groups, including a group of the “Commission of Hope,” to give our input of ideas for the upcoming 12th General Chapter of 2025. Next, in the whole assembly, the groups presented their proposals which will be used as sources in the preparatory work for the next Chapter.

Later Sr. Anna Caiazza gave her concluding report and afterward in an Hour of Adoration, we rejoiced in the presence of the Lord among us during these days.

In the evening we enjoyed a festive celebration of dinner, sing and dancing – treasured time spent together.

With deep affection and gratitude for your prayers throughout the Interchapter, we hope that all of us continue to be transformed by the Spirit.

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